As of April 2018, all Private Rented Sector Homes must have a minimum Energy Performance Certificate rating of E or it will be illegal to rent them out. The rule applies to new tenancies and renewals only, but will be extended to existing tenancies by 2020. For all homes which are rated betweeen  F and G they must be taken of the rental market.

Even though this legislation has not been implemented in Northern Ireland as of yet, this is something that all Landlords should be aware of.

For any Landlords who own properties elsewhere in the UK this is a reminder that you need to tackle any issues within your property sooner rather than later. Reason being that there are fears that tradesmen will struggle to cope with the demand of improvements as the deadline approaches.

It has not yet been confirmed by the Government however an estimate of £5,000 per house is what Landlords may have to spend in order for the property to apply with new legislations.

However it has been confirmed that listed buildings will be made exempt, on the bases that the Landlord has made the building as energy efficent as possible.

Further details to follow.